Strubbe Ab Initio Laboratory (SAIL)

David A. Strubbe

associate professor, department of physics, University of California, Merced
Chair of the Physics Graduate Group (PhD program)
dstrubbe @ ucmerced . edu
Member of Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Materials and Biomaterials Science and Engineering (MBSE) graduate groups
PI of Consortium for High-Energy Density Science (CfHEDS) at UC Merced
Computing power from NERSC and our local clusters Pinnacles and MERCED.

Undergraduate research: Students from UC Merced or other institutions can get involved for summer research through our new physics REU site. Cal-Bridge scholars and other California State University students can also apply via the Cal-Bridge Summer program. Students interested in doing a senior thesis should strive to take PHYS 141, Condensed Matter Physics, which is being offered in fall of odd years (2023, 2025, etc.).

For PhD positions, applying through physics is preferred, but the chemistry or materials science (MBSE) PhD programs are also possible. A strong background in quantum mechanics is a must. I am not expecting to take any new PhD students in fall 2024. I am a mentor for Cal-Bridge.

Watch our video for prospective grad students.

Research areas: theoretical condensed-matter physics and materials science, excited-state electronic-structure methods (GW approximation, Bethe-Salpeter equation, time-dependent density-functional theory), phonons, Raman spectroscopy, amorphous materials, 2D materials, defects, photovoltaics, scientific code development for high-performance computing.

Previous address:
postdoc at MIT materials science and engineering
Jeff Grossman group

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PhD June 2012, advisor Steven G. Louie. Thesis title: "Optical and transport properties of organic molecules: Methods and applications"
Department of Physics, UC Berkeley
NSF Fellow, Nano IGERT Fellow
M.A. in physics, UC Berkeley, December 2007
B.S. in chemistry and physics, University of Chicago, June 2005

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Science Editor's Choice: "Surface science: Getting a leg up"
arXiv: cond-mat/0612201v2
Berkeley Lab View: "The little engine that could: Light powers world's smallest piston"
Nanoscale Views blog: "The accidental session chair"

Coding projects

Firmi: utility to prepare Fermi surfaces for 3D printing. First prize in Materials Hackathon at MRS Fall Meeting 2015.

Octopus: real-space TDDFT.

BerkeleyGW: many-body perturbation theory.

computational nanoscience toolkit on nanoHUB.
Featured in nanoHUB newsletter for Feb 2019.

Libxc: a library of exchange-correlation functionals.

Useful links

MERCED cluster wiki
Psi-k: email list for jobs and events in ab initio electronic structure.
introductory resources for students in electronic structure